“Tai Chi for heart health n office relaxation”

This gentle, graceful movement form packs serious health benefits for all ages that practice Tai chi daily. It has recently been in the news for its help at improving heart heart and for stress reduction. Many of these exercises can be done sitting at your office desk as well or in a straight back chair […]

“Eggs-travagant holiday eggs”

  Happy eggs-travagant holiday and spring! Video courtesy of  http://bit.ly/hUp8sK Share on Facebook

“Stretching = success work n school”

Where ever you work take a success break every hour to stretch your back. When you sit too long the soft tissues and tendons in the back muscles get stressed, The muscles will either tighten up or get to weak and the spine will sublex or move out of alignment. Moving regularly is the RX […]

“Dancing down high BP for those that sit too much ” fun tip of the day

Get it movin’ is the name of the blood pressure game. This can be fun you know. Try to vary up your time at a desk or computer by taking a Take a fun break at least every hour. Drink some quality water Plug into your favorite music on the ipod or radio and spend […]

"Take a moment-worries melt away on the waves"

Enjoy the calmness of the waves lapping on the beach and sooth your worries away.

"Your life has a ripple effect "

Each life has countless effects on others.

Want to fly like a bird?

The closest we have come to flying like a bird.

Susan Boyle -Yes we can all make a difference

The wonders hidden for 47 years in Susan Boyle’s voice are now shared with the world.

The star of the air – rapper flight attendant

David Holmes never knew he was destined to the star rapper of the air. The Southwest airlines that is. People helping people.

"Bunny Wisdom"

Easter Bunny wisdom for all to enjoy.