Helping create peace from the inside out.

A welcome relief.
You are invited to discover the most unique relaxing experience of your life, the most deeply relaxing experience I’ve felt outside meditation. Make an appointment to treat yourself to deep stress relief.

Why it works. In quantum physics terms there is no distance between people. So why take the time to come to my physical office. In the comfort of your own home we can meet at a time convenient to us both.

How it works: By both of us focusing on what is stressing you. Your body will direct me to finding the most natural way to remove the imbalance in the energy fields and tell me how to harmonize your physical and emotional energy.

How long does a session take? Usually 1-2 hrs. You call at the appointed time. We talk about the issue, if you wish to. If you aren’t comfortable talking about it, just strongly think, visualize and feel how this situation makes you feel. Then relax and forget about it. When the session is over, I will call you. If you are deeply relaxing, don’t answer. Just call or email me later with how you’re feeling.

How much does it cost? Contact me at

Located in innerspace, the peaceful, unique approach to client care.
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To your better health.

Before a session check your message board email to confirm session time.
Turn off all distractions and don’t answer your phone.
Call at the appointed time.
Then relax and enjoy.
Call me back at the appointed time for our followup conversation.

Looking forward to working with you soon. Dr. M