Want to fly like a bird?

The closest we have come to flying like a bird.

Susan Boyle -Yes we can all make a difference

The wonders hidden for 47 years in Susan Boyle’s voice are now shared with the world.

"Relax-where you want to go."

Relax with sitar music . People helping people to relax and enjoy life.

"Bunny Wisdom"

Easter Bunny wisdom for all to enjoy.

The Firecrackers can -can you?

Jumping rope can inspire and decrease stress.

People helping people: Wanting only a handshake gets whole USA team

å special person with a special token receives unexpected goodwill from Team USA.

Rarified sportmanship -people helping people

Life lessons modeled by high school basketball players and their coach.

Happy Days ahead-Yes we can!

To be a swinging drum playing granny living and enjoying it all.

Daily stress relief

Rhythmic breathing and walking a great stress reliever.

Holidays gratitude is the attitude

Gratitude is the attitude that will get us all through these challenging times. Every day find the little things to be grateful for. Then help someone some how some way daily.