When you are stressed out

Angel Network LLCĀ  has the right idea

people help people in many ways to lift us all up in challenging times.


Click on the link below for someĀ  peace and beautiful musical inspiration.


When you are stressed out, play it again and again. It will lift you up

The Interview With God is part of the breakthrough Angel Network LLC series which includes Pathways to Peace. Their goal is to create beautiful, inspiring presentations that make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Together with his team of in-house employees, and outsourced graphics, printing, and distribution professionals,

Greg is pleased to be building an inspirational publishing company that does very well by doing good. Thanks Greg and company would love to meet with you some time..

Our vision

Inspiring the world, one soul at a time.


In a world of uncertain times, we strive to be a gentle reminder that we are not alone. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to the well-being of our world, and to be a major and measurable force for good on the World Wide Web, by creating experiences of inspiration that warm the heart and touch the soul.


Angel Network LLC


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Increase Calmness with organic foods

The following foods will help increase your calmness provided your are not sensitive to them.

Chew foods to liquid before swallowing and focus on how it is healing and building our body and nervous system to calmness and health

All berries – sweet, refreshing. Berries are a good source of vitamin C and its sugars are released slowly so it wwill not have any challenged with blood sugar.
Before a stressful presentation or discussion or interview have a cup of tea or drink high in vitamin C. –

Avocados high in B and mushrooms vitaminsdecreases stress, calms your nerves and lets you think more clearly and feel calmer.

Almonds, walnuts and pecans have vitamin E and zinc increase brain functioning. A drink of 2 tablespoons of ground raw almonds and 1 tablespoon of Blue agave in glass of water will calm your nerves and increase brain functioning.

Whole grains like oats groat tea, rice barley gruel
Greens: Cucumber, celery, lettuce

Fruits like the mulberries, lemons, schisandra berries

Spices: dill and basel

Herbs/teas: chamomile, catnip, valerian

Animal products organic cow and goat milk and clarified butter (ghee)
Dark chocolate.is rich in antioxidant and raise your endorphine levels which will make you feel better and more alert. Get fair trade organic dark chocolate that contain contains 70 percent cocoa.

Chlorophyll/seaweeds: celery are high in magnesium calcium and other minerals needed to calm and nourish the nerves and aid calmness.

How wholesome whole food should look-check out this video.

Just look at the life in the food in video! Organic food can improve your health. Watch this video with your family and in classes. Good Food by La Vida Locavore http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_13984.cfm