The star of the air – rapper flight attendant

David Holmes never knew he was destined to the star rapper of the air. The Southwest airlines that is. People helping people.

Create your own digital flower garden for peace

Create a little digital beauty to brighten your day.

Daily stress relief

Rhythmic breathing and walking a great stress reliever.

When you are stressed out

When you are feeling down with worry and burdens take a break.

The mind directs body's energy flow

Where Our Mind Goes, So Goes Our Energy. Relax – Feel Good. The communication between mind and body is a relationship worth cultivating. Our mind can help calm and relax us, or it can encourage the flow of the body’s energy toward illness and death. Relax – Feel good – Take the stress out and […]

Great listeners are in demand

Great listeners are in demand in our under sensitive over stimulated, pressured world. Simply hearing another person’s words is never enough.