Strength of the Planet – CMA's Goal

Robustness of the living organism and the community it exists within is one of the fundamental characteristics of biological systems. Robustness is involved in various biological processes and mechanisms that give rise to strength in living systems.

Deeper insights into the principles that govern complex changing, living systems can help us understand how living organisms might need to change to live in harmony with the environment.

Living organisms are molded through time and modified under environmental constraints.

Inherent in the design of each living organism is the dynamic life mold of another form that exists in the past, present, and future. A living being is a holographic, dynamic, energetic form with ties to the past, existing in the present and energetic programming for the future. This programming is encapsulated within its structure and function.

Living, reproducible design is only possible within the boundaries of basic, fundamental, functional and structural principles. How robustness a biological system is depends on how that system is able to maintain functioning abilities. The robustness then is not the stability of the systems which is its homeostasis.

To integrated wellness for individuals and societies, wildlife and plant life, improved health of the oceans and the air we all breathe and the soils we walk upon is a goal of CMA.  Hand in hand with each interested individual and group of planetary citizens need to explore living more peacefully and cooperatively on this planet with respect for all life. Bringing together individuals, families, corporations and governments to achieve this goal is at the heart of CMA’s mission.

Science, individuals and governments must work to stabilize and improve our planet’s mental, emotional, physical and environmental health and wellness for all life to coexist in health and peace.

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M. Wolken, PhD. Exec. Dir

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