"Blind spots to changes in Tucson’s local environment put all at risk"

“Convenient blind spot in our perception”
Have you ever wanted something that you new you should not have? Whether it was a piece of cake, a can of beer or hanging out with certain unsavory people?

This same phenomena is occurring with the gulf fishermen and in my own neighborhood in regards to a new cell phone tower that is under construction. You can justify ignoring or eating anything that does not eat you immediately.

Here are some examples.
In Venice Louisiana, a father-and-son team didn’t expect to sell any of the prawns to customers their 70-pound (30-kilogram) catch will go into the freezer for personal consumption.

Residents of Venice, the small fishing town at the southernmost tip of Louisiana, are eager to get back on the water, but they know it could be months or even years until the fishing trade returns to pre-spill levels. …

“The spill isn’t as bad as the media has suggested,” he said, looking out into the marina’s clear-looking water. “The amount of oil they’ve released is like a gnat on an elephant’s behind.”

He’s not concerned by environmentalists’ claims that chemical dispersants released into the water by BP may have contaminated the seafood, and has been eating it every day.

“It tastes like fish,” he said. “I’m not dead yet. If the government tells me it’s not safe to eat, I won’t eat it. But I’m not going to worry about it until someone tells me. They’re the experts, I’m just a fisherman.” These toxic chemicals are taste less and generally odorless.

In my own neighborhood, as I went door to door informing and inviting people to get involved to stop the building of the cell phone tower from being put in a residential neighborhood across the street from a large elementary school, responses to the health concerns and the total lack of following safety and communication protocol surprised me.

First, I must add in everyones defense that there was no permission given or information shared with the community, before the building of this tower began. City Council has given permission to AT&T to build this tower in a heavy residential area without consideration for the residents.

Secondly, basic research and environmental studies in Europe have shown the danger to the living of living in a blanket of microwave radiation, but much research has been suppressed for financial reasons by major corporation.

Thirdly, many responses to my door to door awareness campaign covered a wide range from “I just work here, but our world and house is filled with these energies, to “I did not have any idea, but I do not want my risk of cancer to rise by three times over the next 10 years.” and another “I had no idea, let me think about what I can do to help.”

After returning to my home which is about 100 ft (160.9 km) from the tower ) hot and slightly frustrated in 100 degree temperature, I began questioning how to mass the needed support to stop AT&T. My door bell rang. It was one of the neighbors I’d shared my concern with earlier. He handed my to papers one was a letter to our local council member and another was a Google map of our ward.

Encouraged, we press on to create a safer and healthier area to live in.

Denying, simply worrying about what they are doing or ignoring these imposed illegal changes is never an option.

Thank you for reading this.

We would appreciate your comments, experiences, research links to the effects of microwaves and links to research on long range studies of oil and dispersants we would be grateful for your support and help.
Mary Wolken, Ex. Director CMA and Healthy Living Center

courtesy of     http://bit.ly/daFs38

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