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Children's Sleep Apnea.

Do you know what it feels like to walk into your beautiful baby's nursery and see that your child is limp; lying there; not breathing, and turning blue? This ALTE (apparent life threatening event) could be caused by infant apnea.

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Achieving Wellness.

“Modern” Medicine, as most of us have grown to know over the years, treats wounds and illnesses as enemies things to be eliminated much the same as a soldier would treat an opposing soldier in the war zone. The goal of western medicine is to relieve symptoms not heal. Now if one is in an emergency situation or suffering from severe pain or needs surgery that is different. None of these emergency treatments or medicines will bring us wellness. They simply push the symptoms deeper into the body. Health and wellness verses palliation of symptoms is the goal of complementary integrative medicines.

Healing is an individualized journey.


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Excerpts from Health Freedom E-Alert

"Sticking our heads in the sand is not going to get us out of the spot we are in now. Understanding, connecting and then dealing with the underlying cause of the dots, however, may save us."

Everywhere you look our environment is polluted by big business in foods, medicines and health care. Who is protecting us from the poisons, contaminants of all kinds in our food, medicine and environment.

How to save yourself!

Colony Collapse Disorder and human well being.

What's causing worker bees to fly off from their hives and never return? Throughout the history of bee keeping, this phenomenon has been documented. This disappearance especially of the Western Honey bee in North America has geometrically escalated since 2006. This phenomenon has been named the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Save The Bees and me!