Coastal evacuations people helping people

People have learned from Katrina and are putting their hard learned lessons to practice with this hurricane season in full force. People are helping everyone that can to get out of New Orleans and other cities along the Gulf today.
Buses collecting would-be evacuees from 17 locations across New Orleans will continue to run Sunday until 3 p.m. and 6 PM the last flight from the airport will leave, city officials said, giving residents further opportunity to get out of town ahead of Hurricane Gustav.

The bus service at those locations was scheduled to end at noon and officials decided to extend it three more hours even though the number of people showing up had slowed to a trickle by mid-day.

Residents also can show up directly at the city’s evacuation center at the Amtrak station on Loyola Ave.

18,000 people have evacuated through buses, trains and airplanes contracted by the government. The number of people passing through the processing center earlier today was a sharp contrast to Saturday, when thousands waited in long lines to board buses that would take them to shelters throughout the state and region. Hopefully most people got out of town on Saturday The last city buses were scheduled to gather people from 17 pick up spots at 3PM and the last flight out is scheduled for 6PM tonight.

Sarah Carr, The Times-Picayune Sunday August 31, 2008

We can continue to help each other by including all people and nature in crisis in our positive thoughts of love and healing and donate to centers in our area that will send help to families and animals in crisis.

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