Bike to improve brain power and…

All sectors of society should follow the example of a few of our colleges.

To easy limited space for parking, Emory, Duke, Washington, Northern Illinois University and Illinois State University are setting the bar high for going green and decreasing their carbon footprint through biking.

Emory is selling discounted bicycles to students and faculty, adding bike lanes to campus roads and stocking bikes that can be borrowed for free. The university is pushing its $250,000 “Bike Emory” initiative, launched a year ago, in hopes of convincing students and faculty that the eco-friendly bikes aare the way to help and save money too.

Ripon College is giving away $300 bikes to freshmen who leave their cars at home.

Emory started a bike-share program a couple of months ago. It has just 20 bikes now, but that will double by this fall.

At Duke University in Durham, N.C. received $200,000 grant from the state Department of Transportation for the pilot program, the bike-share program.  It began in 2007 and had a waiting list for bikes share program, because all 100 bikes were checked out within just a few weeks. This year Duke will spend $24,000 each year on the program. The goal is to have 5,000 active cyclists each day

Adapted from Colleges peddle bikes to car-loving students- DORIE TURNER, Associated Press Writer

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