Hospitals going solar reports on the first solar hospital in Colorado. boulder Community Foothills Hospital teamed up with Namaste Solar Electric to incorporate solar into the facility. the hospital was one of the top green hospitals to being with, and now has a 37 kilowatt solar system on a roof awning in addition to a 28 kilowatt system on the roof of the Tebo Family Medical Pavilion.
To integrate this installation into the architecture of the Foothills hospital, Namaste Solar is utilizing SunPower panels for their aesthetic appeal and high efficiency rating. Combined, the two solar electric systems will provide more than 75,000 kWh of electricity each year and prevent 155,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually – the equivalent of not driving 168,000 vehicle miles each year or planting 5,900 trees.

In an effort to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is installing a new solar panel system on the hospital’s Atrium roof. The solar energy system will supplement SickKids’ hot water system, an environmentally friendly method to reduce energy costs and increase savings for the hospital. The proiject was scheduled for completion by the end of ’07.

Nambour General Hospital in Queensland has installed five rows of solar panels nearly 60 metres long on the roof of the doctors’ parking garage; part of its plan to reduce the hospital’s carbon emissions by an estimated 3,296 tons – the equivalent of output of 810 cars.
The $3.1 million Environmental Protection Agency and Queensland Health initiative aims to reduce energy use at the hospital, including electricity, gas and water.

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