“Easy release of headache pain”

3 easy Acupressure aids to reduce stress of headache or neck pain

Pain Pain go away.

  1. Lightly tap or hold on either side of the web between the thumb and firstfinger.. Then relax your breathing and feel the discomfort go away. (Video)
  2. Cup your head into your hands. Position the thumbs to the indentation one in the left and the other in the right depression at the base of the skull.

Press in and up in the direction of your eyes.  Use enough pressure so that you              feel a comfortable pain. (Video) GB21. You can alternately press the right then                left thumb into the depression where the skull and spine meet.  Each time you                press, hold for 4 seconds then release for 2 seconds. (GB 21),

3. Relax your breathing and hold or tap the points shown on the hand chart below.

hold or top headache points

When you finish breathe deeply, smile from ear to ear and give thanks.


Excerpts courtesy of   http://bit.ly/dcUePd

Image 1. courtesy of http://bit.ly/cue39A

Image 2. courtesy of http://bit.ly/9Du1mA

Disclaimer: These techniques are given as suggestions for home first aid. If pain persists or reoccurs see your health practitioner.

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