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3 easy Steps to Natural Relief for your eyes from Allergies, Hay Fever or Food Sensitivities

Are you sneezing, coughing, energy dragging, eyes

watering?  Do you wake up with goopy, gluey eyes?

You may have seasonal allergies.


Relief May Be a Few Steps Away.



Step 1. Purified Water. Wash your eyes gently to ease
the discharge and gently clean the area.  Make certain
your hands are clean before touching your eyes.


Step 2. Cold water compressed can be used over your eyes while
you relax. Cover a package of frozen veggies with a
towel and lie down. Then put the pack over your eyes.
This can relieve itching, inflammation and relax your
eyes. Caution: Never put ice or ice packs directly on
your skin. It can burn you.

Step 3. Warm water can also be used to clean your nasal
passages. First, fill a small syringe or Neti Pot (available

at your local drugstore) with warm water. Close one nostril

and tip your head to one side while you pour or squirt the

into the other nostril. Allow it to run back out and then

repeat the process with the other nostril. This will clean

pollen and dirt from your nose.

Hydration is so critical for your health in general. When your eyes and sinus are drying or draining too much the body will need more liquids.

Drinking purified water and cleaning your eyes lightly with the same type of water is important to sooth aggravated tissues.

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