Selling GMO animal +plants maybe soon

“GMO Super Chicken strutted a step closer to the dinner table. The government will start considering proposals to sell genetically engineered animals as food, a move that could lead to faster-growing fish, cattle that can resist mad cow disease or perhaps heart-healthier eggs laid by a new breed of chickens.

The rules will also apply to drugs and other medical materials from genetically engineered animals, a field with explosive potential.

U.S. supermarkets currently sell no meat from genetically engineered animals. But a Boston-area company called Aqua Bounty Technologies hopes to win approval next year for its faster-growing salmon and make the fish available by 2011. “It tastes just like any other farm-raised salmon,” said vice chairman Elliot Entis, who has sampled it”

Comment: Just because it looks like a chicken and just because it tastes like chicken does not mean the body with be healthy because it has been feed GMO chicken.The effects of GMO meats, plants and other products have not be tested on humans.”

Genetically altered ’super chicken – RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press Sep 18, 2008.;_ylt=Apd8eDrvgXtZ_qMmU0ql6fzVJRIF

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