WHO sets melamine limits

WHO sets first limits for safe melamine levels in food-safe this is an industrial chemical that has a cumulative effect on living kidney tissues.

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Demand to know how many products and how much melamine and cyanuatic acid its cousin is tainting our milk and food supply, Then do not buy from companies that use these poisons.

Melamine has been routinely mixed into Chinese milk and dairy products to give them the impression of having higher protein content and a richer flavor, Cyanuratic acid has been used to clean equipment.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on December 5, 2008 issued safety limits for melamine levels in food as international concern mounted over a widening tainted food scandal in China.

It is the first time WHO experts have issued safety limits for the use of the industrial chemical and they stressed that melamine should not be used in food at all.

The so-called Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) has been fixed at 0.2 mg per kilogramme of body weight. This means that a person who weighs 50kg can tolerate up to 10mg of melamine per day, said the WHO.

For how long is it tolerable for our neonats and our infants?

The UN agency stressed however that the industrial chemical “should not be in food” even though traces are sometimes unavoidable?

“The TDI is meant to help national authorities set safe limits in food for withdrawal purposes should melamine be detected as a result of intentional adulteration,” added the WHO.

The scandal has led many countries around the world, including the 27-nation European Union, to ban Chinese milk imports and Chinese foods containing soya and Chinese-made baking powder will also have to be tested after high levels of melamine were found.

How come they can do something about it while the US does little to nothing to protect our children? We have no idea if melamine is effecting any other age group.

China said Monday that 294,000 children had been made ill by consuming dairy products containing melamine, with 154 still in serious condition.

China said six deaths since September may have been caused by tainted dairy products. The “confirmed ” death toll so far is three infants.

Beware of tainting of prooducts any food or condiment that has been in contact with melamine including chicken eggs, soya products, candy any Chines food products are suspect now.

The full impact of melamine in international food products and agriculture stock and their feed has just begun to be felt.

WHO sets first limits for safe melamine levels in food – Staff Writers
Geneva (AFP) Dec 5, 2008 Seed Daily.com
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