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Arnica m. the leading remedy for trauma, bruises and swelling can be used in higher potencies for healing of the memories psychological and physical abuse from the past. This use must be done under a practitioner’s supervision.

Heat exhaustion, when the usual remedies don’t get the desired response, then using the person’s constitutional remedy in both high and low dilutions is often effective


British Journal of Ophthalmology 2006;90:520; doi:10.1136/bjo.2006.bjapr06ftl
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“As part of the medical buildup for Pershing’s St Mihiel offensive, Cushing was able to get a field neurological hospital setup near Benoite Vaux, where he planned to work. Eight of the first ten patients admitted to it were suffering from dilated pupils and hallucinations. Rambling in a nearby woods with a field naturalist, Cushing realized they were suffering from Belladonna poisoning. Learning that his Hopkins friends, Thayer and Finney, were about to become generals he thought they too must be delusional. ‘La la, how silly will they feel—or will they? They certainly must buck up on their organization which is too impossible for words.’ ” ( Bliss, Michael. Harvey Cushing. A Life In Surgery. New York: Oxford University Press 2005:348 )

Reports concerning the possible benefit of statin use in the prevention of age related macular degeneration (AMD) remain inconclusive. Some studies have purported to demonstrate efficacy whereas . .



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