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At conception the incoming child all ready has many energy fields that influence the physical, mental and emotional well being of the developing child. These light energy fields act as a template for the development of the body’s cells, tissues and organs.

From a homeopathic medicine perspective, this difference in each person’s energy is viewed as a difference in the Vital or Life Force. A person born with a strong Vital Force, or life principle, will have the ability to bounce back from physical illnesses readily, and generally will heal quickly.

If a person with a strong life force suffers an intense emotional setback or trauma they do not get swallowed  or crhronically immobilized by his emotions, but gets help when needed, Healing will be more rapid than someone who have this innate health.

Aging for the average person is undermined by a life time of  poor diet, emotional stresses, environmental challenges, drug interventions, lack of exercise, etc. For individuals born with a moderately good Vital Force and blessed with a life of yoga or other energy disciplines, proper diet, and emotional balance can strengthen his Vital Force and avoid a premature death. A person coming to this earth with a very weak physical, mental or emotional body can be helped with homeopathy.

What are miasmas and how do they manifest?

Each person is born also with tendencies toward certain ways of behaving and different levels of health and illness patterns. These tendencies are called miasmas. Traditionally, miasmas have been thought of as those energetic disharmonies that each person brings into this life that lay out the blueprint for the emotional, mental and physical challenges that develop as life unfolds. If one views life like the energetic flow like a river with the’ eddies and undercurrents.

These tendencies toward diseases or imbalances run like undercurrents through one’s life only surfacing as recognizable symptoms of illness when the Vital Force (the river’s flow) weakens. If the symptoms are treated by strong drugs or other limited applications that only superficially removes and/or drives the symptoms deeper in the body then through suppression of energy the current of illness deepens.

These currents run deeper as life and it’s stresses moves on impinge on our quantum fields of energy; finally through the accumulations of stresses, genetics, environmental and emotional baggage put enough stress on our physical body that some major chronic challenge surfaces or death intervenes. An example would be the use of cortisone cream for symptomatic rashes or very strong herbs that are not balanced for the person’s individual needs. If this accumulation of stress finds now healing not just relief the person will get sicker or die. These deep underlying currents in lif’e flow are called miasmas in homeopathy.

The body’s energy warning lights of trouble pending may have been going off for years, but when ignored or handled improperly from an energy perspective, the deeper underlying condition, such as a family’s genetic predisposition to weak heart, high blood pressure, emotional imbalance or early death, continues to develop. However, within the miasmatic profile of an individual we also must consider not just the disease patterns, but also the positive gifts and strengths which are part of his inherent miasmic, constitutional picture. The physical constitution of each individual varies in strength, health, vitality, intelligence, intuitive and creative skills, determination, love of sports or adventure, musical ability, emotional stability, spiritual perception and desire for union with God.

Where do these miasmic tendencies come from?

Before a person is born, he makes “choices” as to the awareness lessons he wants to learn here on earth. His karma may dictate some of these lessons. All lessons have mental and emotional components, and all have the soul’s underlying best interest at heart. These factors bring about the attraction of our miasmic tendencies and the strength of the Vital Force with which we are born. As one strives toward perfection, he must overcome or balance his inherent weaknesses and develop his strengths.

Can a Homeopathic medicine help a person to overcome these miasmic tendencies?

If a homeopathic medicine that matches the Vital Force of the patient is chosen, the direction of cure will proceed as follows: Healing will be experienced first with changes on the psycho-spiritual plane. ¡ Sometimes healing manifests simultaneously on the physical level. Symptoms will move through a period of aggravation generally from the top of the body down to the arms and legs, and / or from the inside more critical organs to the least critical, and symptoms will reappear in reverse order of occurrence. So if you were being treated for asthma, you would probably see the acute respiratory problem begin to diminish as the digestive and / or skin condition that preceded it began to reappear. Symptoms that you experienced 20 years earlier that appeared to have cleared will return next followed by childhood imbalances including the old emotions that preceded the current health problems. This reverse order of symptoms and an ever-increasing sense of well being would let the homeopath and the client know that healing was progressing. It is not uncommon for people under constitutional care to begin communicating in more effective ways and responding to emotional challenges with healthier behaviors within a few weeks or less of treatment. Though this process may take years, a person should grow mentally and emotionally healthier as the Vital Force is strengthened.

To complete this healing process, one must address the spiritual and emotional issues that brought the physical conditions to the surface. A homeopath can truly help a person readjust his perspectives, sometimes very rapidly. Often a person will have a growing sense of peace and well-being even before the physical conditions show significant progress. Thus by realigning our energy fields, we open the opportunity for peace to reign in our soul, and our union with Brahmin accelerates.

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