Overheating/burns 2

Name of Remedy: Symptoms How to use

Abbreviations for types of burns

Burning Blisters (BB), Heat Cramp (HC),

Heat Exhaustion( HE), Heat Stroke (HS)

Homeopathic Remedies for burns and suggested dosages for those unexperienced in homeopathy

Belladonna: (HS)

skin & face dry, hot, shiny,swollen,

painful areas may spasm, worse in light or with noise & if touched,

can be delirious; wants to escape

Pupils often dilated

Dosages 30C-1M Repeat if helping.
Cantharis (HE, BB*)

skin red, burning skin, emotionally anxious and often communicated by screaming at others ;

clear fluid in blisters, reabsorbs fluids and skin heals normally

1 dose 200C-1M. Repeat if helping


muscle weakness and total prostration,

no energy, want to be quiet and left alone,

apathy, dizzy, headache back of head wants to go to sleep,

skin hot, dry with mealy red itchy rash

Dosage 30c to 1M. Repeat if needed and improving.
Glonoine (HE)

confusion with dizziness, heat on head, oversensitive to heat,

head feels too large, heart palpations

face flushed, hot and livid, pale,sweaty.and dusty looking.

skin red and hot, throbbing pulse. head pain, wants to sit up to be comfortable,

Dosage 30C-1M Repeat if needed at high potencies for severe cases.
Cuprum met. (HS)

prostration of body and mind; skin is clammy,

pale; tonic aand clonic spasms

nausea, weak, cramps; cramping,

Skin may be bluish and mottled with itchy spots

Dosage 6c -1M

Repeat if helping

Veratrum alb. (HE)

Contorted facial features with cold sweat on forehead

Skin feels cold and clammy, pale with extreme vomiting and retching

Emotionally indifferent, pain drives them crazy, Pulse is very weak

Dosage 6C-1M. Repeat if helping.

Remember generally to be a good match of remedy with the person you must have at least five of the symptoms for a remedy to give or take it.

Please consult your local homeopathic physician and if burn is serious immediately go to emergency care.

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