Homeopathy overheating/burns

Heat related Conditions suggested natural remedies

How to administer a Homeopathic Medicine:
The tiny pellets or globules made of milk sugar are coated with the remedy. Try not to handle them with your fingers. Simply, place them in the mouth, under the tongue (ideally), with a spoon or from the lid of the bottle. Keep lid clean and return lid to stock bottle immediately after using.

On the skin: Immerse the burned area for 10 minutes in cool water or until the pain is relieved. Add Hypericum and Calendula mother tincture to the water (20 drops of each per quart of water) to sooth the nerves and skin. This treatment may prevent swelling in the tissues around the burn.
Under the tongue: For all remedies that are in pellet form, place one dose ( 2 pellets) under the tongue and let dissolve.The pellets may be dissolved in a small amount of water 2-4 drops on a spoon by lightly swishing the water to mix. Pour in the mouth under the tongue. Hold in the mouth for a few seconds then swallow. (The medicine coats the pellets so the pellets don’t have to completely dissolve.)
** If someone gets several globules or even one whole bottle of homeopathic pills in the mouth at one time, do not be concerned. It simply equals one dose. However, if you take your dose, then wait 1 minute and repeat the dose, wait another minute and take a third dose, this can produce a compounding effect of multiple doses. Call your homeopath.
Homeopaths consider the following under burns because the skin does redden and the injury is heat-related.

Standard first care-aid for Heat Cramps and Heat Exhaustion
Give them shade, ice to suck on or sips of water, and salt or some salty food.

Definitions of heat related injuries:
Heat cramps (HC*) – severe muscle cramps usually in the legs and abdomen, exhaustion, occasional dizziness or fainting and altered mental functioning.
Heat exhaustion (HE*) – breathing is rapid and shallow; pulse is weak with cool and moist skin, heavy perspiration, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and complete weakness of the body.
Heat stroke (HS*) – dry, hot or wet, often red, skin, dilated pupils, breathing alternately deep then shallow, pulse alternately rapid and strong then weak, very high body temperature and loss of consciousness and muscle twitching or seizures may be seen.
Heat stroke is life threatening. Provide shade
Call emergency services promptly.
Notes to the rescuer:
• Get the injured person out of the heat or shade them somehow.
• Loosen tight clothing.
• Apply cool, wet cloths to the skin.
• Give the person a drink, if conscious.
• Call for emergency help if the person vomits, begins losing consciousness or refuses to suck on ice chips or take a drink of water.

Homeopathic Remedies Treatment of Burns
Step 1. Calm the person. Give one of these three remedies before the indicated burn remedy.
Name of remedy: Symptoms Results changes How to use
Aconite n. Person seems confused, talks nonsense; fears dying soon; calms 1 dose 30C-1M only

Arnica m. Person is hypersensitivity; wants to leave scene; calms; 1 dose of 30C – 50M
shock, bruising, swelling stops trauma Repeat if needed
less sensitive 3 times in 1 hour

Rescue Remedy confusion, fear calms few drops in mouth Repeat often.
Step 2. Choose the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms of the burn. Repeat the remedy if the pain returns, then stop.

**In an emergency situation, if no emotional or physical changes have occured after two doses of 1M or above, you have the wrong remedy. Reassess. Administer new remedy. If still no change, call 520-323-6291 for a referral to a homeopathic practitioner.
Remedies for mild burns(

Abbreviations: mild burns (MB), scalds (SC) like sunburn(SB) (skin reddening and no blistering):
Name of remedy …………………………..Symptoms_____________________________Potency (suggested)

Causticum Person is sad, skin red and itchy. (MB, SC,SB) It calms and soothes, stops burning

1 dose 6C-1M
(MB, SC,SB) anxious, absent-minded & pain of sunburn and scalds Repeat as needed
Silicae Skin red, stinging, calms and soothes (MB, SC, SB) 1 dose 6C-1M

Urtica urns Skin stings like needles, stops burning & pain (MB, SC,SB) 1 dose 6C-1M Repeat as needed.
violent itch, red, Person feel light headed, distressed
Calendula Skin mild burning, redness MB, SC,SB) soothes burning Apply to skin; wash gently
For mild to moderate 2nd degree burns* with blistering (BB) Use 3 times per day.

*Under a trained Homeopaths guidance and a doctors care

3rd degree burns with tissue destruction.

Call 911 or other emergency services immediately.

Transport to nearest emergency care facility immediately after covering the burn with cool wet sheeting or cloth.

  • While waiting, treat for anxiety and pain with 3 doses of Arnica. If the person has average health,
  • give 10-50 M* or the potency you have.
  • If the person is suffering from a chronic illness or elderly, give 3 doses of Arnica 30 C followed by Sulphur 30 C.
  • Begin giving Sulphur 50 M* after second dose of Arnica to prevent infection and speed healing. Give two times per day for 3 days. Follow with one dose every 3 days for two weeks.

Call your homeopathic practitioner to complement the traditional burn care. During the course of treatment, if the pain returns, repeat the Arnica 50M, and follow with Hypericum 10 M for nerve pain and healing.

Anxiety, fear of falling, sad; increases nerve healing, decreases excessive nerve pain

especially nerve pain “with feeling of crawling in hands & feet or up the spine.

Dosage suggested:If pain is unchanged after 2 doses given 10 minutes part in low potency or

1 dose of 10M or the dose suggested by your homeopath.
Sulfur (Sul) severe burns, hot, red, irritable, very talkative
Calms and decreases chance of infection. Raises oxygen in blood. Helps prevent infection.

Dosage suggested :30 C-50 M. Repeat as needed
* Determine potency by assessing the person’s life force.

Homeopathic Care of Heat Related Injuries

Name of Remedy: Symptoms How to use

Abbreviations for

Burning Blisters (BB), Heat Cramp (HC),

Heat Exhaustion( HE), Heat Stroke (HS)

Other Homeopathic Remedies to consider for burns and suggested dosages
Belladonna: skin & face dry, hot, swollen, bluish-red, pain worse in light, temperature goes down; calms Dosages 1M-50M Repeat if helping.
(HS) shiny skin; pupils dilated; pain decreases; skin cools; as needed.
delirious; wants to escape; mental clarity returns
pain worse in light, noise & if touched
Cantharis skin red, burning skin, emotionally anxious and often communicated by screaming at others ; 1 dose 200C-1M. Repeat if helping

(HE, BB*) clear fluid in blisters, reabsorbs fluids and skin heals normally; calms; relieves burning

Gelsemium (Gels.) muscle weakness and total prostration, no energy, want to be quiet and left alone, apathy, dizzy, headache back of head wants to go to sleep, one pupil enlarged and one constricted,skin hot, dry with mealy red itchy rash

Dosage 30c to 10M. Repeat if needed and improving.
Glonoine there is confusion with dizziness, heat on head, oversensitive to heat,

Head feels too large, heart palpations

Face flushed, hot and livid, pale,sweaty.and dusty looking.

(HE) skin red and hot, throbbing pulse. head pain, wants to sit up,

Dosage 30C-10M Repeat if needed at high potencies for severe cases.
Cuprum met. prostration of body and mind; skin is clammy, pale; tonic aand clonic spasms

(HS) nausea, weak, cramps; cramping, Skin may be bluish and mottled with itchy spots

Veratrum alb. Contorted facial features with cold sweat on forehead, Skin feels cold and clammy, pale with extreme vomiting and retching

Emotionally indifferent, pain drives them crazy, Pulse is very weak Dosage 6C-10M. Repeat if helping.

(HE ) weak, rapid pulse, cold skin, cramping, headache with constant nausea, more stable, skin and body emotionally sad with shrieking at others and fear of misfortune; After treatment temperature normalizes, pulse normalizes and emotionally more stable

Dosage 1M TO 10M

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Hypericum Sharp excessive tingling, burning and numbness

Nerve pain especially in extremeties and radiating up spine. Anxiety

Worse with touch Dosage 1M to 50M

Repeat if necessary.

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