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"Sticking our heads in the sand is not going to get us out of the spot we are in now. Understanding, connecting and then dealing with the underlying cause of the dots, however, may save us."

Vaccinations, we should be asking, “How is it that thimerisol, which killed all the patients receiving it in its very first tests, and has been known for its horrific biological impact has been so valiantly defended by the supposed 'health watchdogs' in and out of government? These failed guardians include, for example, the American Pediatric Association, the AMA, the FDA, the FTC and the EPA." and "Why are ineffective and extraordinarily contaminated vaccines permitted at all? Why are cancer causing and other stealth viruses, aluminum hydroxide, monosodium glutamate, and dozens of other dangerous chemicals injected into us at all?" and "Why is the government covering up what they already know about vaccines?" Beyond greed, are we systematically being exposed to dangers we may not suspect, but the government and drug companies know very clearly? Why?"

The well-established connection between mercury and autism needs no repetition, although the financial Pretorian Guard of the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, continues to defend this archaic and misguided practice as "safe and effective". Click here to learn how BARDA, the FDA's secretive Vaccine Police is poised to compel mandatory vaccination for whatever they declare has become "a Pandemic" using whatever they decide to inject.

Congress needs to hear from millions of us on this issue. That's why it is so important to get your contacts active, too.


The State of California and the EPA have decided to spray cancer-inducing, environmentally destructive chemicals over the entire San Francisco Bay area (including waterways, wetlands, homes, playing fields, cities, farms and towns) to "control" a "pest" which has not even been confirmed to exist there and certainly does not present a hazard to any crop or plant species. Eradicating the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) is apparently such a high priority that, should the Governor of California decide to prohibit the spraying of Checkmate (R), a nano-plastic delivery system bonded to an insect pheromone, the EPA will step in and take over jurisdiction to make sure that the spraying takes place EVERY 30 DAYS FOR 5 TO 10 YEARS.

The nano-particle plastic breaks down in the environment in about 70 days. How long does it take to break down in your lungs and what happens when it does? Who knows. Why is San Francisco being punished — or experimented upon? Or is it slated for extermination? Under the US Biological Agents Act such experimentation is terrifyingly legal. See this article. Did we also mention that no one knows the impact of the nano particles to which the moth hormone is bonded when they lodge deep in the lungs of people who have no choice but to breath them? And did we also mention that while severe physical problems accompany the spraying of this compound on human populations, there is no credible evidence that the LBAM actually presents any threat to anything at all?

We are concerned that the Bay Area may be a "belle weather" or early indicator experiment for the spraying which can be imposed on the rest of the US for reasons as far fetched and fatuous, and as potentially deadly, as those used in California.

Why would such dangerous, untested and patently absurd spraying, and sprays, be poured on us and on the environment every 30 days for 10 years without any pest to kill or safety studies to rely upon?


It is no secret that properly used prescription drugs rank at the very top of causes of death in the US. It's also no secret that drugs, which work by poisoning enzyme systems, lead to side effects which are frequently treated by more drugs which lead to side effects which are frequently treated by more drugs... An untested and potentially deadly soup of drugs interacting with each other in unpredictable ways means patients getting worse, not better, or dying from their medical "care." We all know the results and they are not pretty. It is also no secret that psychiatric drugs cause permanent changes in the brain and that they can stimulate deadly consequences in those who take them or those who are around those who take them. It is also no secret that the profits in these, and all other drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, are astonishingly high. The more we take of them, the richer the drug companies become.

The deadly consequences of these drugs, prescription and otherwise, and the vigorous propaganda war against the inexpensive, safe and effective alternative to these high cost toxins, are no accident.... Why would such dangerous drugs be allowed on our shelves and in our bodies?


...I am unimpressed by dangerous drugs produced through recombinant DNA techniques, foods that can destroy the environment and have unintended health consequences in the near term or a score of years from now but which cannot be traced because the US will not allow labeling of these experimental foods. I am underwhelmed by hormones given to animals and people which have been made by shooting high energy "bullets" into DNA to make it serve commercial purposes which make the recipients sick.

I am not impressed by seeds which produce poisons and tolerate wildly dangerous chemicals in high concentrations so that they become vectors for environmental illnesses when their crops come to harvest. I find nothing to be joyous about in food and feed and super weeds that transfer their DNA into my cells (and my fetusís) where that DNA and its promoter partners induce my DNA to produce proteins which have never existed before on the face of the earth and which have totally unknown consequences.

This remarkable film, originally made in French, was available on the internet and then disappeared.


Pesticides and herbicides, fungicides, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, Splenda (c), Aspartame (c), hydrogenated fat, high fructose corn syrup, high saturated fat, "food" deconstructed from genetically modified corn and soy and rebuilt from the vat up, so to speak, are killing us.

Why are our shelves filled with stuff with which we are killing ourselves, mouthful by mouthful?

Why are we buying it and why, from a regulatory point of view, is it on our shelves to buy?

Why are supplements filled with synthetic "nutrients", including those derived from genetically modified plants, bacteria, yeast and animals on our shelves?

Why are our water, toothpaste and medicines filled with fluoride, a carcinogenic, diabetogenic, endocrine poison and neurological poison that mining companies find too expensive to dispose of legally and sell to food and water companies?

Why is this known neurotoxin which creates complacency in those who are exposed to it (discovered first by Stalinís prison camp wardens) allowed in increasing amounts in our food and drink and sprayed at incredible concentrations on our food?

Why are our children bombarded with advertisements for things to eat that will kill them? Profit for the "food" makers, surely, but are there other reasons?

Time to become aware consumers. You can make a difference.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation Health Freedom USA