Finding out about me Part 1+2

Today seems like the perfect day to do a playfully activity. You may need about 1 hour of time.

You may want to collect paper to draw (computer paper will do).

Collect your colored markers, pencils or chalks.

Today let us imagine that every one of our family and extended family can be represented by a flower, plant, bush or tree.

Draw each family member filling in the colors and shapes and sizes of the plants they represent.

Take your next sheet of paper and redraw your family into the perfect family of plants

Which plant images change?

When finished take a bowl of water and set it over the second picture’s image

Send blue and white light into the bowl.

Next Focus on the water in the bowl and say I’m sorry. Please forgive me, I love you. Thank you.

Tap the side of the bowl 3 times to harmonize the universal energy flowing through your family past present and future and then send this harmony into the world bringing peace to everyone.

Part Two:  Finding out about me –  Being a good Detective

You may need about 1 hour of time.

1. Let’s get some large unlined paper.

2. Fold the paper in three sections.
When you look at the folded paper now, it will seem to look 1/3 the size. Now you are ready to do a little detective work

3. On the first outside panel write all positive qualities you can think of about your mother.

4. Don’t be bashful; list even the smallest quality. List at least 20 to 40 good things about her.

5. When you have finished section one, fold that section under and open the middle panel.

6. On this panel you will list all the positive traits you can think of that describe yourself. List at least 20 to 40 good things about you.

7. When you have finished section two, fold that section under and open the third panel. This last panel will be for your father’s traits. List at least 20 to 40 good things about you.

8. When you have finished all three sections, unfold the entire paper and draw a line connecting similar traits you share with each of your parents.

9. Now from your common traits list choose one trait that you would like to work one to develop.
From your heart give both of your parents thanks for helping you become the wonderful person you are today.
**If you are an adopted or have one parent then choose a mentor that has made an important contribution to your life for your other “parent”.

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