“New Muppets are superfoods?”

Why would Sesame Street consider broccoli, banana, a wheat bun and a chunk of cheese superfoods?

No joke, this week the newest muppet puppets will be introduced as superfoods. Who would pay for this new push and why?

Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable  and bananas have lots of good vitamins, but a wheat bun and cheese could not be compared to the natural wholesomeness of the other two.

So lets imagine now, that these children in their most impressionable stage of life watch these new puppets and believe if they eat lots of cheese and wheat buns they will develop super skills and only gain weight and feel sluggish. Humm who would benefit?

The funder of these new puppets is Merck Pharmaceutical who makes cholesterol drugs and vaccines.

Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/e3ELAO
Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/gjzoq3

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