“Medical tourism -the trip hard to enjoy”

With an ever growing number of patients from around the world expected to visit India for healthcare that would be very costly in their home country.  Besides low cost, other factors have been identified in our report that are boosting medical tourism in India. The future of India’s medical tourism industry seems extremely bright.  It is expected that the medical tourism market will grow at by 31% during 2010-2013.
Pharmaceutical outsourcing, health insurance, and medical tourism are anticipated to be the three fastest growing segments in the Indian healthcare market, with all the segments growing at double-digit growth rate during 2010-2013.

Why are people needing to seek more and more care other than in their homeland?

Personal lifestyle stresses causing chronic stress, poor  lifestyle and food choices that are causing a dramatic jump in chronic diseases will create a huge demand in various emerging segments of the industry.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/dkVKw1

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