“Green with greed turns companies to make false claims”

Being green it not just the mantra for Kermit the Frog, but companies have realized the $$ to be had at been green even if you are not.

Companies that for many years had peoples’ respect now have recently come under crutiny for claims of being all natural or organic, but do not walk the walk.
Namely Burt’s Bees has been found to be less than chemical free. Their sunscreen product that contains, among other things, titanium dioxide is a chemical.

Seventh Generation is not seventh heaven for green either they are not chemical free as they claim.

In Britain Sainsbury’s, the second biggest supermarket chain, has been taken to task by the Advertising Standards Authority over its claims for organic food, just a month after the biggest supermarket, Tesco, was similarly criticised.

Green chemistry and engineering efforts are working to identify the safest chemicals and their processes (and develop new ones) so manufacturers have an increasing set of the safest ingredients to use for their products.
So time to walk your talk.


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