Diabetic help from a peppery spice

Are you familiar with the pungent peppery West African spice known as grains of paradise or scientifically as Aframomum melegueta? It is a member of the ginger family that grows well in the swamps along the coast.

In African folklore medicine grains of paradise is used as a digestive aid. Today scientists are testing and hoping that an extract from this plant will become the newest diabetic medicine.

Raskin a Rutgers scientist says the extract could help to prevent the onset of diabetes in people at high risk and could be given prophylactically to individuals who have a family history of diabetes, or have other risk factors for developing such disease.

Diabetes spice -Justin Mullins NewScientist.com October 29, 2008

Comment: Why not work with American plants that have historical been used in the southwestern US to help control blood sugar problems like agave, cinnamon, tumeric and prickly pear?

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