“Hearing loss in teens may be due to loud ipod music”

What is that you are saying?  Didn’t you hear me?

How many times do parents or teachers say this to their children? It seems there may be an organic reason for this temporary deafness.

Hearing loss among U.S. adolescents has surged, possibly, because of the level of noise coming through their earbuds on their  ipods while listening to music.

Children ages 12 to 19 studied in 2005 and 2006, found that 19.5 percent had some hearing loss. The findings were compared to a study done between 1988 and 1994 found only 14.9. The research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Hearing loss of 25 decibels or more — enough that the children were often aware of the deficit — increased to 5.3 percent of the sample, from 3.5 percent in the earlier group. Boys were more susceptible than girls.

Signs of potential hearing loss are asking that things be repeated, having difficulty following directions, listening to the television at a loud volume, having problems with speech and language, and having trouble identifying sounds.

Even minimal hearing problems can cause great stress in a competitive learning or sport’s environment.  If you feel you or your child may be hearing challenges, please have them evaluated and consider reducing noise levels and possible seeking alternative remediation like acupuncture, homeopathy and neuro-kinesiology to speed healing.

Listening to loud sounds through earbuds — the tiny electronic speakers that fit into ears, for use with personal music players — is probably the main reason that more adolescents are losing some of their hearing, said William Slattery, director of clinical studies at the House Ear Institute, a Los Angeles medical practice, who wasn’t involved in today’s study.

M.Wolken, Exec.Director Complementary Medicine Association


Excerpts courtesy of    http://bit.ly/9j0Gs6

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