Fear and Pandemics-swine flu

Let’s crank up the fear – the fear will make you sick and drop your immunity for sure.

Calm down.

Drink purified water every 1/2 hour to stay hydrated at least.

Eat well- lots of fruits and veggies.

Sleep deeply and 6 to 8 hours.

Take your vitamins -a d, e, ester c

Hugging / kissing -especially sick people – not too long

Wear mask around sick people.

Stay home if sick

Wash hands frequently.

See your health practitioner is you get flu like symptoms.

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Swine Flu virus lodges in the upper respiratory infections/pneumonia

In Mexico deaths of young people ages 20-40 yrs of age has 100 people sick with various flus.

Swine flu patients have had no contact with swine.

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Listen to the podcast from the CDC.

From the CDC Swine fluhttp://www2a.cdc.gov/podcasts/createrss.asp?t=r&c=252&showall=1

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