Detox nalgene

Drinking from polycarbonate Nalgene water bottles is an everyday activity for millions of people who want to stay healthy and hydrated while reducing their impact on the planet. Unfortunately, Nalgene users are getting an unhealthy dose of bisphenol A, the known endocrine disruptor, which leaches from polycarbonate water bottles into liquids. Studies indicate bisphenol A may lead to serious health problems including miscarriage, chromosomal defects and prostate cancer.

What we want
The Detox Nalgene campaign wants Nalgene to switch from using the chemical bisphenol A in their polycarbonate water bottles to a safer alternative.

Why we’re asking it
In approximately 200 published animal and human cell studies, exposure to bisphenol A has been shown to cause serious adverse effects including miscarriage, impaired brain development, male and female reproductive defects, early onset of puberty, obesity and most recently, cancer. Please click here to check our bisphenol A fact sheet and links to studies.

How we’ll win
We will use consumer and retailer organizing to educate Nalgene users about this dangerous chemical, and to apply pressure to Nalgene to make this important change in production. We will be sending the company mass quantities of emails, written letters, and messages tucked inside our old Nalgene bottles. Our message is clear: Nalgene, stop using bisphenol A and any other harmful chemicals in your products. We have been loyal customers- it is time you act responsibly and protect our health and the health of the environment.

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