Nuclear waste piles up at hospitals and research centers

Does this warm your heart and make you feel comfy?

In BARNWELL, S.C. for years used radioactive materials from across the country have been trucked into the landfills in this poor rural town for permanent disposal!  Truckloads of low-level nuclear waste like rice-size radioactive seeds for treating cancer and pencil-thin nuclear tubes used in industrial gauges from most of the U.S. were taken to a rural South Carolina landfill sealed in concrete and buried.

I guess someone had to do it.

This all changed July 1 when the state of South Caroline finally cried Injun and stopped  this practice.

Now across America spent radioactive materials are piling up in hospital and research facility basements and locked closets.
Nuclear waste piles up at hospitals – SEANNA ADCOX, Associated Press 9/25/2008

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