“Help protect Japanese kid survivors”

Children at Risk after Massive Earthquake and Tsun
Houses swept by a tsunami smolder near Sendai Airport in Japan after a massive 8.9 magnitude quake hit northeast Japan this morning.
Dear CompMed readers 

Children are at risk following today’s massive earthquake and the resulting tsunami that continues to wash ashore causing massive destruction.

We continue to monitor the situation closely as the potential for additional damage exists as a result of the tsunami in countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, including the West Coast of the United States.

Save the Children needs your support – whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated – to launch rapid relief for children and families affected by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami.

I’m asking you to respond as quickly as you can with a generous gift.

Even as we learn more about the disaster, Save the Children is coordinating with other agencies to prioritize the unique needs of children and provide emergency support.

Children are always among the most vulnerable during emergencies and are stressed and fearful of their situation and what lies ahead. Save the Children’s quick, child-focused response to disasters – including our groundbreaking child friendly spaces – helps ensure that children and their rights are protected and looked after at the height of emergencies.

With expert staff ready to assist and many years of experience in Japan and the other countries which may be affected, Save the Children is prepared to support children’s physical and emotional recovery from the shock they have experienced. An international emergency team has been dispatched to Japan.


Save the Children has vast experience in responding to disasters in Asia and worldwide – including our response to the epic 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. Our work following that tsunami in Indonesia benefited an estimated 1 million people in more than 1,000 villages in five countries.

Time has never been as crucial to help the children in Japan and around the Pacific as it is right now. 

Many thanks.

Charles F. MacCormack
President and CEO

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