Energetic Footprint – Making Your Life Count

Living, thriving, biological systems thrive on interdependence.  Interdependence ensures the progression of all species. The world’s integrated systems are bogged down in dominance, greed and self protection, if living only to take care of self and not nurturing or caring a twit for either the insects or the people around the neighborhood much less around the world from you.

The strength of our being as a whole living entity is dependent on fostering more interdependence, not to be considered the same as the one-world economy that is being encouraged now. That system sounds like a good idea, but is causing much suffering around the world.

It is true we are all one and the same; however, each of us has a unique role to play and serve while on this earth. If big business or big medicine is allowed to continue to run the planetary game as those wayward souls see fit and we allow it, then our biological, physiological, sociological and psychological integrity and strength will continue to weaken.

Without support for those people, plants, animals, insects and the general diversity of life, none of us will be blogging for long.  Robustness of the world’s health depends on each of us increasing in quality and quantity our energetic support and respect for all things big and small and to stand up and be counted.

Talk and support each other and teach your children they are worth the best we can be.

 You  are invited to share the way you are increasing your energetic footprint and modeling your robustness.



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