Free natural vitamins to school children in US

A gift to our children from NewChapter and NaturalNews newsletter


Please forward this to every schoolteacher, administrator, non-profit group and public service organization you know so that they can take advantage of this huge giveaway of New Chapter whole food complex vitamins for children.

The health of American schoolchildren is declining rapidly.

Diseases that once used to affect only adults (type-2 diabetes, heart disease, etc.) are now happening in pre-teens! And instead of giving our children real nutrition, our medical system seems focused on screening children for mental disorders and putting them on yet more synthetic chemical drugs! Our children need REAL nutrition.

Make a huge difference in our childrens’ lives.

New Chapter, Vitacost, the Consumer Wellness Center and NaturalNews are teaming up for a huge giveaway of hundreds of thousands of servings NewChapter’s Every Kid whole food complexes (multivitamin powders made from real food, not from synthetic chemicals).

Offer is valid for any public or private school, non-profit or social service organization

in the U S including Hawaii and Alaska.

Pay a nominal shipping charge <>Order in quantities of 108 boxes <>(each containing 7 servings). The product is free.

Quantities are limited,

Order from Vitacost at one of these URLs:


Must use this coupon code NatNews3

Thank you for your support! – Mike Adams, Editor

Follow the directions To take advantage of this offer.

1. Email with your name, organization’s name, street address, telephone, email and shipping address.

2. Put “EveryKid Offer” in the subject line. (Valid only in the US.) for further details on payment for the shipping and handling.

You may also wish to read the full announcement here:

Supplies are limited so if you know of a school or organization that should be getting in on this, let them know right away! Please forward this email to anyone you know who works for a school, non-profit or public service organization that serves children.

How to get EveryKid whole food complexes for your family:

If you’re not part of a non-profit or school, and you still want to get these EveryKid whole food complexes for your own children, you can still contribute to the non-profit effort! How? When you purchase a 28-count box of EveryKid whole food complexes from (which are 55% off retail price!), use coupon code NatNews3 and Vitacost will donate a 7-count box to our non-profit Consumer Wellness Center! We will then take those 7-count EveryKid products and distribute them to schoolchildren, helping them improve their nutrition and experience the health benefits of whole food complexes in a great-tasting format! To take advantage of this, simply order from

Vitacost at one of these URLs:


Use coupon code NatNews3 to automatically generate the donation to the Consumer Wellness Center. Thank you for your support!

There’s no profit angle here. This is solely about getting a great nutritional product into the hands of as many children as possible. It’s all part of the new “solution-oriented approach” here at NaturalNews, where we focus more on solutions rather than problems.

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