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Colony Collapse Disorder and human well being.

What's causing worker bees to fly off from their hives and never return? Throughout the history of bee keeping, this phenomenon has been documented. This disappearance especially of the Western Honey bee in North America has geometrically escalated since 2006. This phenomenon has been named the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

This phenomenon has also been observed in Europe, India, Canada and most extensively in the UnitedStates where at least 27 states are affected.

Besides the honeybee is the only extensively commercialized bee on which 90 plus food crops and countless flowers and other animals depend, our native (feral) bees in many areas of the US seem to be decreasing as well. Bees, wasps, hornets, butterflies, bats, bears, squirrels, the honey badger, the least shrew, skunk, raccoon, some frogs and toads, anoles, birds like the humming birds, flycatchers, grackle, some spiders, dragon flies, Chinese Mantis, some hornets, yellow jackets, robber flies, a water strider and the European beewolf, and man, lizards, frogs, toads and many other mammals and plants depend on natures pollinators for their food supplies. If the pollinators disappear so will life as we have grown to know it. Starvation may become more common and our stable food crops of grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables are in jeopardy.

The debate goes on about the causes of the vanishing honeybee. From a health perspective the overwhelming stress that many of the commercial bees live under could be the force driving the bee extinction. To talk about stress levels in a living being other than a human runs the risk of stirring up lots of criticism for anthropomorphizing the bee.

Stress is defined as anything physical, genetic, environmental, nutritional, medicinal etc. that puts a strain on the daily working, living and feeding and general health of living organisms. Science understands and has observed that
1.) The adult bees are leaving the hive never to return
2.) The bees left in the hive are not feeding properly 3.) The bees have lots of diseases and have been given a steady diet of antibiotics and their hives have been cleaned with fungicides routinely
4.) If the bees are on the road meaning they are trucked for work from the east to the west coasts to collect pollen they work year around
5.) Their diets are supplemented with sugar water and/ or some protein substance as a food replacement and lastly when the hives are brought to a new location to pollinate a given set of fields if the farmer or someone else in the bees flight range has recently used pesticides or is raising GMO crops that too can destroy the bees.

There may not be a single factor causative agent to explain the disappearance, but from a health perspective it should be very clear that humans have stressed these poor creatures to the max and poor bee health is the result. Now why they fly off never to return can often be associated with the neurological toxins that are being applied as pesticides in the fields or homes by individuals trying to eradicate all insects and spiders from their world. Bees travel on a neurological GPS- like system and the pesticides interrupt the navigation gear in the brain.

If we as a human species want bees and the web of life to flourish again, we all will have to live a more balanced life and above all quit using so many pesticides and other chemicals in and on our crops and respect all living things again. Walk softly on the earth. Respect all living things. If we save the bees and other pollinators, we will go far in saving all life, its balance and the world’s food supply.

Author: M. Wolken, PhD. Natures Crusaders