Take a moment for HotChocolate

Relax and enjoy some HotChocolate.

How do ipRGCs effect our sleep and health?

Biological rhythm and ipRGCs

Become your best holiday spirit

Become the holiday spirit you always wanted and share it with others.

Laughing together improves communications

Laughing together exercises can decrease stress and increase health and communication with others.

Smile – it is contagious

Smiling can improve your health and and calmness,

Memory loss linked to sleep apnea

“The findings, from brain scan studies conducted by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, show for the first time that sleep apnea is associated with tissue loss in brain regions that store memory… “Our findings demonstrate that impaired breathing during sleep can lead to a serious brain injury that disrupts memory and thinking,” […]

The mind directs body's energy flow

Where Our Mind Goes, So Goes Our Energy. Relax – Feel Good. The communication between mind and body is a relationship worth cultivating. Our mind can help calm and relax us, or it can encourage the flow of the body’s energy toward illness and death. Relax – Feel good – Take the stress out and […]

How special you are

Reflecting on our blessings Play this tape when you are feeling down and give thanks for all your blessings. You are too too good to be blue. http://www.hasanyonetoldyou.com/ Share on Facebook

Irritation 1st AID

Change your energy and change your life.

Change the Flow – Create New Self

Creating a new self, don’t be stuck. You are total energy, a spiritual being made in perfection. Learn to reach for that true love, deep abiding, creative, peaceful being that you are designed to be. You are filled with creative energy, deep intuition, guidance and surrounded with love and success. Learn how to awaken your […]