If you're feeling down so am I. Why?

From the latest research on brain cells, comes a glimmer more of understanding for how we can sense another’s pain or joy. This would also help us understand why we sense when another person is not being totally honest with us.

It seems some brain neurons have the ability to sense another person’s emotions. This may be part of the mechanism for how we learn both emotional and kinesthetic responses like bouncing a ball, crying at a happy ending or sensing one half a world away the pain of someone in crisis.

Do mirror neurons help bring us closer to a better understanding of shared conscious experiences?

“Researchers at UCLA  found that cells in the human anterior cingulate gyrus (part of the older portion of your brain -editor’s note), which normally fire when you poke the patient with a needle (“pain neurons”), will also fire when the patient watches another patient being poked. The mirror neurons, it would seem, dissolve the barrier between self and others…Dissolving the “self vs. other” barrier is the basis of many ethical systems, especially eastern philosophical and mystical traditions. This research implies that mirror neurons can be used to provide rational rather than religious grounds for ethics (although we must be careful not to commit the is/ought fallacy).”


Our old library of memories

Why do I keep playing the same old tapes in my head and heart?
I wish I could have…
I know I should have.
If only I would have one more chance I would…

Do these mental images of the old times, the old ways keep play over and over again?

Do you want to stop replaying the old programs in your mind and body?

Remember our brain is composed of a vast network of nerve fiber connections. Messages from the brain to the body or messages that need to go from the body to the brain move along the neural h9ighway of connections from brain to sensory systems of the body. It is a continuous highway of information.

However along this highway the nervous system stores information in various organs, tissues, fluid s, systems, and even on the cellular, biochemical and other energetic levels of the being.  Over time we develop a library of information that is storage until an old memory is resurrected and the old thought and reaction pattern is activated. This activation of jour old reactions can be consciously recalled or triggered by a certain taste, smell, certain patterns of thought or words or traumas.

So our work if we want to be free to live in peace is to clear those reactive old files step by step.

Step One: Become aware of when you begin to say I wish, I could, I should have…
Write it down in your awareness notebook.  Do not attach anymore blame, sham or negative feels to it.
Step Two: Study the words you are saying or the thought pattern.
Write down when you have thought said or felt that way before. Keep writing until you feel you have gotten back to the first time you felt this way. Write down the full memory of the event.

Step Three: Rewrite the original emotional event for a positive outcome for everyone involved.
Step Four: Clear and harmonize and Forgive, Simply from your heart repeat I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. And thank you for helping me to become a more grateful and loving person at peace with the universe and myself.
Step Five: Anytime you think of this situation or words again do the clearing for yourself and everyone involved past, present and future.

Memories hurt

Do you have an old reoccurring thought or feeling or event in your life that makes you feel sad, hurt or fearful?

Do you know where these are coming from?

Do you often react in a certain situation with an emotion response and have no idea where this response is coming from?

All energy is universal and totally unprejudice. If you feel it it belongs to you

It goes with the old addage of what you see is what you get.

Mirroring what we need to learn

Do you have an old reoccurring thought or feeling or event in your life that makes you feel sad, hurt or fearful?

Do you know where these are coming from?

Do you often react in a certain situation with an emotion response and have no idea where this response is coming from?

All energy is universal and totally unprejudiced. If you feel it the energy belongs to you.

It goes with the old adage of what you see is what you get.

Looking at a person or situation an event whether it is a visit with relatives, seeing one of many wars, the inconsistencies of country leaders or other horrors on TV, it is all a mirror.

What we see as a challenge is a reflection of the universes of emotions and challenges that are found within us. That is the job of the universe to lovingly support us while we peek first then with all honesty look in the mirror, not with horror, but with love and say.

Creator of all of these worlds inside and out, I open myself with love to your guiding inspiration. Let me bring only love and understanding to all that I come in contact with and free me from my own ignorance. I love You. I love and forgive all involved with me now, in the past and the future. Thank you.

If you can think of no others words to say and think simple say
I love you. I forgive you and myself and I am grateful.

Find peace within and you will also experience it without.

Dr. M

Irritation 1st AID

So “He/or she makes you upset, angry, depressed?”

Let’s journey inward and do a check up from the abdomen up and try this exercise.

  • Follow the feel of irritation, anger, hurt etc.
  • As you quietly follow that emotion inside yourself, what feels tight, closed up …?
  • Now breathe deeply and slowly and go inside that area of your body and sense the colors that are there, listen to the sounds and voice or images that arise.
  • Just observe without getting involved.
  • What color is needed to make this scene calmer. What words would the people involved need to be saying to each other?  Add that color and new words and watch the scene closely.
  • Continue to breathe deeply.
  • Give yourself permission to change that scene to make it more peaceful and loving.
  • After you have changed the situation – relax
  • In the future every time you think of of this situation see the calming scene and it will reinforce the changes that have been put in place energetically.

You can change your life for the better one breath at a time.

Dr. M.

Change the Flow – Create New Self

Creating a new self, don’t be stuck. You are total
energy, a spiritual being made in perfection. Learn to
reach for that true love, deep abiding, creative,
peaceful being that you are designed to be.

You are filled with creative energy, deep intuition,
guidance and surrounded with love and success.
Learn how to awaken your true self

Forget the past
Live a life full of hope, joy, prosperity and helpfulness.

Try the following meditative affirmation or prayer. It changes conscienceness rapidly.

When consciousness shifts you will have new insights, better communication, and opportunities will come to you.

If you visualize another person who could use a boost of positive energy, do the affirmation for him or her.

Open my options and territory.
Keep me from harm and let me cause no harm.
Protect me from my ignorance.
Thank you.”
–modification of the Prayer of Jabez copyright Dr. M.Wolken 2008


7 Steps to Trust Building and Client Evaluation – The Art of Listening

Posted on May 13, 2008.

Assessing the integrative health needs of the person over the phone the art of listening.

Making harmonious choices to help support someone grows physically, mentally and emotionally began in a simple way. The best experience of my life came the day I was privileged to have my first homeopathic interview. I felt like I was being listened to at all levels of my being for the first time in my life. I never realized how important truly being listening to from the heart really is. This consultation changed my life. I always knew that my life would be spent helping others to help themselves in a natural holistic manner. I’ve been perfecting listening skills ever since. There is an art and a science to learning to listen to another human under stress. It doesn’t matter the age of the person seeking your coaching or counseling the steps are the same. Listening is a skill that takes time, modeling and sensitivity.

1. The art of listening is development of a calm sensitivity to the person without emotionally identifying with them. Developing any skill takes time and practice, Caution: If the person needing your help has a problem that is similar to an issue from your own emotional history you must be vigilant. If you find yourself getting emotionally involved on any level, you need to do something to regain perspective. Like taking a drink, excusing yourself and leaving the room for a bit and doing some deep breathing. You can then resume the session with an objective perspective.

2. Listen to them. Is this a medical emergency and the person needs to go to ER or the situation the person is in dangerous to them or others?

3. If not a medical emergency, being straight forward and to the point is important. Ask little and listen to the person’s story. The thoroughness of the history depends on the urgency of the situation.

4. Do they have a history of wanting everything done for them, take pills, no diet changes blaming and being codependent, attitude.

5. Asking questions. You can ask an open-ended question that allows them to open up and feel comfortable with you. When the information slows Ask a good leading questions. Repeat what you hear then find out frequency of the problem, how other parts of the body systems are doing. Any surgeries for what, any medications, allergies, traumas like broken bones, accidents, early childhood history and family relationships.

6. Some times what the person doesn’t say is more important than what they relate to you. Listening to the change in tone , speed and hesitancy. Is this an old issue or involved with other health and emotional crises.

7. Patient expectations -honesty-quick fix Assessment leads to determining options for this individual. Options may be determined by priorities of client-trust levels, money, time and commitment to getting involved and helping themselves.

Assessing the integrative health needs of the person over the phone the art of listening. For more information on developing compassionate and trusting client relations and ways to be calm while your treading through life

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