People Helping People

"Blind spots to changes in Tucson’s local environment put all at risk"

Can big corporations dictate our environment in Tucson?

"Work as a team? = Progress in Alzheimer’s research"

Alzheimer’s Disease may be cured one day by scientists who have learned to collaborate.

"Save your change and use your pen to stop malnutrition"

Filling a starving malnourished child’s belly with only gruel not nutrition is a slower death.

"Flesh-eating bacteria were eating her alive"

Flesh eating bacteria lost their battle to consume the body and life of this young nurse, her her strong desire to raise her newborn son, loving family and compassionate skill medical team won this war.

"Hope for ADHD"

Integrated Medicine can help many individuals challenged by ADHD and ADD.

"Frankincense shows potential for use in treating bladder cancer"

An ancient remedy for many ills shows promise in the treatment of bladder cancer.

"A Loving note lightens a sad girl's heart"

A thought, a short note can ease a grieving heart.

"Regrow the rainforest 1 person at a time-inspiring"

Letting our passion direct us can help thousands.

Changing the lives of The Invisible Children of Uganda

Children of Uganda have become invisible to the world at least until the movie was shot by three young men on a mission.

"Beth the ultimate birthday card sender"

People helping People The ultimate birthday greeting card maker Beth Catlin loves to make and send birthday cards to people. She sends them to neighbors, friends, acquaintances and many people she has never met. She has created these special greetings for people for 40 years. Even if she has only met you once and you […]