Miracles still happen

“Giffords is talking and eating 3x a day”

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords spoke for the first time since she was shot in the forehead, her spokesman said Wednesday, yet another significant milestone in her recovery from a traumatic brain injury.  A true testament to her dogged determination to get well and all of the positive energy being sent her from thousands of well […]

"Work as a team? = Progress in Alzheimer’s research"

Alzheimer’s Disease may be cured one day by scientists who have learned to collaborate.

"Flesh-eating bacteria were eating her alive"

Flesh eating bacteria lost their battle to consume the body and life of this young nurse, her her strong desire to raise her newborn son, loving family and compassionate skill medical team won this war.

New mother feeling very light headed, tired have your heart checked

A rare heart disease in new moms Peripartum Cardiomyopathy occurs when there is damage to the heart. As a result, the heart muscle becomes weak and cannot pump blood efficiently.

Surgeon General's New Family Health History Tool

Innovative tool for gathering health information is available from the Surgeon General’s office.

Exploding tumor

Love + prayer power + docs + determination save young woman Woman Survives 12 pound heart tumor that exploded producing live threatening blood clots At Cleveland Clinic 32-year-old Marianne Cook’s life was perilous. The damage to her legs from the lack of blood was obvious. “It was pretty much as bad as I have ever […]