Raided Organic coop- family held hostage

Food coop home raided mother and 10 children held hostage for 6 hours.

Miracles in your life-you can do it too!

Take charge of your life

Coastal evacuations people helping people

People have learned from Katrina and are putting their hard learned lessons to practice with this hurricane season in full force. People are helping everyone that can to get out of New Orleans and other cities along the Gulf today. Buses collecting would-be evacuees from 17 locations across New Orleans will continue to run Sunday […]

Extracted Wisdom teeth – store them for stem cell bank

One day you may harvest your extracted wisdom teeth for your personal stem cell bank. Researchers in Japan have successfully made stem cells from wisdom teeth, creating an alternative source of pluripotent cells for research and treatment of diseases. Pluripotent cells are undifferentiated cells that carry your personal genetic code. Extracted wisdom teeth if banked […]

Bike to improve brain power and…

All sectors of society should follow the example of a few of our colleges. To easy limited space for parking, Emory, Duke, Washington, Northern Illinois University and Illinois State University are setting the bar high for going green and decreasing their carbon footprint through biking. Emory is selling discounted bicycles to students and faculty, adding […]

Take charge of your life

The problems in your life are a reflection of your need to heal yourself. Begin daily taking the first problem that seems to be bothering you and simply say “I’m sorry. I love this experience. I love me and you.” Turn the problem over to the Divine Source who or whatever you call It. Everything […]


“When the violin Can forgive the past It starts singing When the violin can stop worrying about the future You will become such a drunk laughing nuisance That God will then lean down And start combing you into His Hair. When the violin can forgive Every wound caused by Others The heart starts Singing” The […]

Learning to listen

Learning to Listen – Music to My Ears Listening
Secrets to Healthy Client/Personal Relationships

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Relaxing so important.

From before we were born, our brain and body have been making adjustments to changes in the physical space around us, emotional challenges and sense that our world is a little crazy and out of control. In response to these constant changes our body produces chemicals called hormones to deal with these challenges. It is […]