"Hope for traumatic brain injury"

Hope for traumatic brain injuries comes in many ways with progesterone being the newest treatment to be tested.

"Helping in a crisis helps you"

Pay it forward by helping the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

"Deck the tree with barks n balls?"

Even dogs can work together to decorate a holiday tree.

My daily intention

My daily intention to increase my focus on serving the planet better.

Susan Boyle -Yes we can all make a difference

The wonders hidden for 47 years in Susan Boyle’s voice are now shared with the world.

The star of the air – rapper flight attendant

David Holmes never knew he was destined to the star rapper of the air. The Southwest airlines that is. People helping people.

When you are stressed out

When you are feeling down with worry and burdens take a break.

Dysport cousin to Botox – possible birth defects

Health alert over the “use of anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox, after an Australian baby was born with serious birth defects. The mother was given facial cosmetic injections of the drug Dysport in the first weeks of her pregnancy in 2005. Her baby was born deaf and blind. A report by the manufacturer a year later […]

Raided Organic coop- family held hostage

Food coop home raided mother and 10 children held hostage for 6 hours.

Nuclear waste piles up at hospitals and research centers

Does this warm your heart and make you feel comfy? In BARNWELL, S.C. for years used radioactive materials from across the country have been trucked into the landfills in this poor rural town for permanent disposal!  Truckloads of low-level nuclear waste like rice-size radioactive seeds for treating cancer and pencil-thin nuclear tubes used in industrial […]