Food Supply

“Scientists unlock chocolate genes”

Don’t mess with Mother Nature Researchers have found the genes that code for the production of the cocoa butter in Theobroma cacao, needed to make sweets, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Studying the genes of Mother Nature’s finest crop cacao, researchers are finding ways to make the best chocolate in the world “better”. Better means, increased disease […]

“So sweet -plastic without petrochemicals”

Scientists are developing green plastics to replace petrochemical plastics that take thousands of years to biodegrade.

"228 million eggs after being linked to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning"

Salmonella poisoning looms if you eat contaminated eggs.

"Save your change and use your pen to stop malnutrition"

Filling a starving malnourished child’s belly with only gruel not nutrition is a slower death.

"Healthy choices for the unborn"

Help create healthier world for our unborn children.

"Buyers of Whole Foods Store products -beware"

Has Whole Foods “natural food” chain lost its direction?

"FEDS sue over sale of inferior meat for school lunch program"

Meat packers sued by FEDS and HSUS over poor quality meat sold to FEDS for school lunch programs.

Be true to organics-they will be true to you

Organics and healthier living with less pesticides and antibiotics in food coming to stores near you.

Rural Farm land gold of the future

Small countries rural lands becoming golden as the food crisis deepens.

WHO sets melamine limits

Melamine crisis spreads.