Health and Safety

"Concussions and their effects on the rise in children and adults"

The need to recognize and treat brain accidents immediately is growing daily in the US. A person’s life can change dramatically forever without proper care.

"Testing of US Drugs in third world – Pfizer is the poster child"

Pfizer may finally see its day in court over the Trovan scandal. This may be the case that opens Pandora’s box to finally show how US drug companies really test a drug before it goes to the open US market.

"Hope for traumatic brain injury"

Hope for traumatic brain injuries comes in many ways with progesterone being the newest treatment to be tested.

"Natural product companies score -1 FDA-0 "

Victory for natural health care vs. FDA are unusual, but provide hope for the sharing of open truthful claims of health products.

"Infant diarrea vaccines in question"

The battle for clean medicines rages. Two infant diarrehe vaccines contaminated and Government fails to issue a recall.

"Healthy choices for the unborn"

Help create healthier world for our unborn children.

"McCain's supplement bill"

Is McCain’s new supplement control bill another misguided attempt to control all natura; vitamins and supplement?

"High levels of toxic cadmium found in Disney, Walmart and other kids toys"

Toxicity of childrens cheap jewelry from China has hit an all time deadly level.

"Camp Lejeune sees rise in male and female breast cancer"

From careless dumping of toxic chemicals in Camp LeJeune’s drinking water thousands of Marines other military and civilians were put at risk.

“Potential risks of squalene in flu vaccine worse than the flu"

Squalene in the H1N1 flu vaccine can cause multiple long term effects-is it worth the risk?