Health Alerts

Vicks-use cautiously with your children.

Vicks an old family standby for coughs and colds image has been tarnished and needs to be used with care on the young.

Detox nalgene

Take the ECOPLEDGE to remove nalgene.

Dysport cousin to Botox – possible birth defects

Health alert over the “use of anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox, after an Australian baby was born with serious birth defects. The mother was given facial cosmetic injections of the drug Dysport in the first weeks of her pregnancy in 2005. Her baby was born deaf and blind. A report by the manufacturer a year later […]

!3 year olds playing with death for a few moment high

Children playing with death for a few moment high.

WHO sets melamine limits

Melamine crisis spreads.

"Nanoparticles the next major health hazard"

The potential health threats of Nanoparticles : “When materials are brought down to the nanoscale dimension, their properties for some performance characteristics dramatically change,” said Cagin. ” We have demonstrated that when you go to a particular length scale between 20 and 23 nanometers you actually improve the energy-harvesting capacity by 100 percent. The gold […]

Melamine and cyanuric acid deathly duo for US infants

China said Monday that a total of 294,000 children had fallen ill and six deaths since September 10 may be linked to the consumption of melamine-laced milk. About 861 children remained in hospital and that 154 were “serious” cases as of December 1, 2008. Melamine is a chemical normally used to make plastics had been […]

Antidepressants linked to sperm DNA damage

This is the second study by a team of researchers at Cornell Medical Center in New York which points to a possible effect on sperm quality. SSRIs taken by millions of men to alleviate depression may affect their fertility, say US scientists. New Scientist magazine reported that a small group of healthy men were given […]

Kids at risk from fire retardant materials

Keeping Fire Retardants Out of Your Kids “We just finished the first investigation of toxic fire retardants (called Deca) in parents and their children, and we found toddlers had 3 times the levels of Deca in their blood as their mothers. That means young children in the U.S. bear the heaviest burden of flame retardant […]

Almond growers to sue USDA

(NaturalNews) “After having their organic almond businesses devastated by the USDA’s bizarre ’07 decision requiring mandatory chemical fumigation of almonds, the almond industry is fighting back. Fifteen American almond growers have filed a lawsuit against the USDA in an attempt to repeal the requirements that all almonds grown in California be fumigated or pasteurized. (Virtually […]