Complementary Medicine Association

Achieving Wellness.

“Modern“ Medicine, as most of us have grown to know over the years, treats wounds and illnesses as enemies things to be eliminated much the same as a soldier would treat an opposing soldier in the war zone. The goal of western medicine is to relieve symptoms not heal. Now if one is in an emergency situation or suffering from severe pain or needs surgery that is different. None of these emergency treatments or medicines will bring us wellness. They simply push the symptoms deeper into the body. Health and wellness verses palliation of symptoms is goal of complementary integrative medicines.

Healing is an individualized journey.

Healing takes times, energy and resources. Month by month, step by step, the body can be nourished, energetically tended to and emotionally and spiritually supported on the road to better health and wellness. Those that undertake the journey never quite know at the beginning how happy and peaceful they will find themselves along the way.

Healing requires a team to work with you supporting and comforting, nourishing your mind, body and being. If one simply removes symptoms, relief is possible, but wellness will elude you. As one heals one may need to integrate western and natural medicines to achieve wellness.

One needs to be willing to change your lifestyle, the foods you eat, release old emotions and perspectives that hold you back from achieving your goal.

Every thing and thought has energy, and that energy can be harnessed for your health and healing or be counted in the long list of those things, situations, foods, condiments, environmental stressors, family and all other emotional and genetic triggers that can accelerate your decline into dis-ease.