“Stir up your own DNA at home”

Like many of you I always wondered what my DNA looked like.

Check out this image of DNA  to get an idea of how your DNA repairs itself (http://preview.tinyurl.com/89jffu2). This is an automatic process that is stimulated by having a healthy bio-terrain. A healthy environment for the body to grow and repair itself is supported by whole foods, proper sleep and exercises and doing activities we love.

DNA is considered the building blocks of life that house the photon light in each body cell and helps coordinate most biochemical activity in the body.

Now with a few normal household items you too can spin out the stuff your cells are made of.

Send us your videos and pictures of what your made of – if you dare!!!

How to see your own DNA Video


Video courtesy of  UTUBE and NOVA

Image courtesy of wikimedia.org/wikipedia