Archives for 2009

"Relax-where you want to go."

Relax with sitar music . People helping people to relax and enjoy life.

The star of the air – rapper flight attendant

David Holmes never knew he was destined to the star rapper of the air. The Southwest airlines that is. People helping people.

"Bunny Wisdom"

Easter Bunny wisdom for all to enjoy.

The Firecrackers can -can you?

Jumping rope can inspire and decrease stress.

Be true to organics-they will be true to you

Organics and healthier living with less pesticides and antibiotics in food coming to stores near you.

People helping people: Wanting only a handshake gets whole USA team

å special person with a special token receives unexpected goodwill from Team USA.

Mouthwashes increase health risks

Daily rinsing with oral mouthwashes can be detrimental to your health in many ways.

Rarified sportmanship -people helping people

Life lessons modeled by high school basketball players and their coach.

Happy Days ahead-Yes we can!

To be a swinging drum playing granny living and enjoying it all.

Worms spread by not washing your hands

Pork worm illness is on the rise.