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"Take a moment to relax with sitar and C.Tatonetti"

Relax with the sounds of sitar and the voice of Christian Tatonetti [youtube=] Thanks for the beautify music Christian. Resources Video courtesy of Share on Facebook

"Restoring hearing and vision in animals with stem cells"

Stem cells are being used to heal vision and hearing in animals.

Stressed out-Take a break nature's way

Deep relaxing sounds to destress with.

"FEDS sue over sale of inferior meat for school lunch program"

Meat packers sued by FEDS and HSUS over poor quality meat sold to FEDS for school lunch programs.

Fear and Pandemics-swine flu

Swine flu -do not panic !

Music of spring from the flowers

The beauty and amazing wonder of life.

Want to fly like a bird?

The closest we have come to flying like a bird.

Runnig across America to inspire others

Inspiring others to follow or shall we say run to embrace their dreams. Katie runs across America

Susan Boyle -Yes we can all make a difference

The wonders hidden for 47 years in Susan Boyle’s voice are now shared with the world.

Free natural vitamins to school children in US

A gift to US school children free natural vitamins.