Archives for 2009

"Frankincense shows potential for use in treating bladder cancer"

An ancient remedy for many ills shows promise in the treatment of bladder cancer.

"Deck the tree with barks n balls?"

Even dogs can work together to decorate a holiday tree.

My daily intention

My daily intention to increase my focus on serving the planet better.

"A Loving note lightens a sad girl's heart"

A thought, a short note can ease a grieving heart.

"Your life has a ripple effect "

Each life has countless effects on others.

"Camp Lejeune sees rise in male and female breast cancer"

From careless dumping of toxic chemicals in Camp LeJeune’s drinking water thousands of Marines other military and civilians were put at risk.

"Regrow the rainforest 1 person at a time-inspiring"

Letting our passion direct us can help thousands.

"Buyers of Whole Foods Store products -beware"

Has Whole Foods “natural food” chain lost its direction?

“Potential risks of squalene in flu vaccine worse than the flu"

Squalene in the H1N1 flu vaccine can cause multiple long term effects-is it worth the risk?

"Women develop lower viral levels than men following acute HIV-1 infection"

Womens’ immune system may hold key to HIV growth rate.