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When you feel down and frustrated

Are you feeling like your direction is not in focus? Your family, your clients, things in general are not clicking? That is the perfect time to get in a quiet place, take a walk in a park and count your blessings. Then give yourself the following gift of this video. After the video take another […]

Taking a risk to open up step by step

It is a challenge like no other to talk from your heart. Step One: You must get clear inside yourself about what point you are trying to share with another person. Ask yourself How do I feel  about this issue? Am I mad, sad, hurt… Then ask yourself where does this feeling come from. Is […]

Diabetic help from a peppery spice

Are you familiar with the pungent peppery West African spice known as grains of paradise or scientifically as Aframomum melegueta? It is a member of the ginger family that grows well in the swamps along the coast. In African folklore medicine grains of paradise is used as a digestive aid. Today scientists are testing and […]


The health of the body, mind and energy is dependent on proper hydration. The following will not be of significant help in hydrating your body: Drinking juices, alcohol, coffee or any caffeinated beverages. Drinking any liquid out of plastic or plastic lined containers Eating foods that have been cooked in too much salty water or […]

Antidepressants linked to sperm DNA damage

This is the second study by a team of researchers at Cornell Medical Center in New York which points to a possible effect on sperm quality. SSRIs taken by millions of men to alleviate depression may affect their fertility, say US scientists. New Scientist magazine reported that a small group of healthy men were given […]

Improving listening ability

These easy to follow exercises can help you improve your ability to listen and recall information. If you are a public speaker if the audience does the exercise together before your presentation they will hear and understand your message at a deeper level.

Nuclear waste piles up at hospitals and research centers

Does this warm your heart and make you feel comfy? In BARNWELL, S.C. for years used radioactive materials from across the country have been trucked into the landfills in this poor rural town for permanent disposal!  Truckloads of low-level nuclear waste like rice-size radioactive seeds for treating cancer and pencil-thin nuclear tubes used in industrial […]


What’s inside us? Awesome inspiring video. Let’s all do a little more every day. Thanks 7th Generation. Share on Facebook

Show the world what’s inside us.

Inspiring, motivating video gives a warm fuzzy to begin your day.

Immune system replacement or death by own cells

Why does the immune systems of some middle aged women suddenly turn against turn against them? Why are middle-aged women most vulnerable? One woman Bari Martz began gasping for breath, her fingers turned blue and her hands became clentched with her joints so stiffened that she couldn’t even open her hands.  Death could be a […]