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Taking a risk to open up step by step

It is a challenge like no other to talk from your heart. Step One: You must get clear inside yourself about what point you are trying to share with another person. Ask yourself How do I feelĀ  about this issue? Am I mad, sad, hurt… Then ask yourself where does this feeling come from. Is […]

Diabetic help from a peppery spice

Are you familiar with the pungent peppery West African spice known as grains of paradise or scientifically as Aframomum melegueta? It is a member of the ginger family that grows well in the swamps along the coast. In African folklore medicine grains of paradise is used as a digestive aid. Today scientists are testing and […]


The health of the body, mind and energy is dependent on proper hydration. The following will not be of significant help in hydrating your body: Drinking juices, alcohol, coffee or any caffeinated beverages. Drinking any liquid out of plastic or plastic lined containers Eating foods that have been cooked in too much salty water or […]

Antidepressants linked to sperm DNA damage

This is the second study by a team of researchers at Cornell Medical Center in New York which points to a possible effect on sperm quality. SSRIs taken by millions of men to alleviate depression may affect their fertility, say US scientists. New Scientist magazine reported that a small group of healthy men were given […]