GM foods and animals get protection. We get less.

“International Guidelines Will Promote “Food Safety” of Plant and Animal Biotech Products

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Friday, July 04, 2008) – The Biotechnology Industry Organization congratulates the Codex Alimentarius Commission for approving key guidelines to further promote the safety of products from agricultural plant and animal biotechnology. The Codex Commission took final action today at its 31st session in Geneva, Switzerland.

(These crops and animals have not been proved safe for human consumption. There are no quality nonbiased research studies of any duration that have been done to ensure human health long term .-editor’s notes)

The Codex Alimentarius Commission and its member countries approved

  • the Annex on Food Safety Assessment in Situations of Low-Level Presence of Recombinant-DNA Plant Material in Food (LLP Annex),
  • the Annex on Food Safety Assessment of Foods Derived from Recombinant DNA-Plants Modified for Nutritional or Health Benefits, and
  • the Guideline for the Conduct of Food Safety Assessment of Foods Derived from Recombinant-DNA Animals.

“BIO and its members applaud the U.S. government and other governments around the world for moving these science-based guidelines to adoption by Codex.

“Adoption of the guidelines for risk assessment of the safety of foods derived from genetically engineered (GE) animals represents a policy breakthrough in the area of animal biotechnology. Codex standards are recognized as international benchmarks and act as models for governments in the establishment of their own food safety policies.(Chock!-editor’s note)
“Approval of the guidelines can now pave the way for the United States and other countries to develop science-based regulatory processes to govern the use of GE animals. GE animals are being developed to advance human and animal health, enhance food production, mitigate environmental impact and provide for high-tech industrial products. (Maybe we should give them sainthood!-editor’s comment)

Codex, which comprises about 165 countries worldwide, is a scientific body that develops the international standards for food safety aimed at protecting public health and promoting fair trade practices.

Bike to improve brain power and…

All sectors of society should follow the example of a few of our colleges.

To easy limited space for parking, Emory, Duke, Washington, Northern Illinois University and Illinois State University are setting the bar high for going green and decreasing their carbon footprint through biking.

Emory is selling discounted bicycles to students and faculty, adding bike lanes to campus roads and stocking bikes that can be borrowed for free. The university is pushing its $250,000 “Bike Emory” initiative, launched a year ago, in hopes of convincing students and faculty that the eco-friendly bikes aare the way to help and save money too.

Ripon College is giving away $300 bikes to freshmen who leave their cars at home.

Emory started a bike-share program a couple of months ago. It has just 20 bikes now, but that will double by this fall.

At Duke University in Durham, N.C. received $200,000 grant from the state Department of Transportation for the pilot program, the bike-share program.  It began in 2007 and had a waiting list for bikes share program, because all 100 bikes were checked out within just a few weeks. This year Duke will spend $24,000 each year on the program. The goal is to have 5,000 active cyclists each day

Adapted from Colleges peddle bikes to car-loving students- DORIE TURNER, Associated Press Writer

What are miasmas?

In short from a homeopathic perspective, miasma are the deep energetic imbalances one is born with. These imbalances can lay seemingly dormant for years and then surface. However from an energetic view there is no such thing as dormant, just unobserved.

Energy is always in motion.

CA. wins potato chips vs acrylamide suit

Snack lovers, rejoice: Munching on potato chips just got a “little healthier”.

Under a settlement announced Friday by the state attorney general’s office, H.J. Heinz Co., Frito-Lay, Kettle Foods Inc., and Lance Inc. avoided trial by agreeing to pay a combined $3 million in fines and reduce the levels of acrylamide in their products over three years, officials said.

Acrylamide, forms naturally when starchy foods are baked or fried,… causes cancer in lab animals and nerve damage to workers who are exposed to high levels. The Food and Drug Administration is researching whether acrylamide in food poses a health risk.(You think it might? !!-editor)

“Everybody’s trying to figure out how to lower levels (of acrylamide) without significantly, adversely affecting taste,” said Michele Corish, an attorney for Lance, which produces Cape Cod chips

The attorney general’s office said the levels of acrylamide in most Cape Cod chips are already near the compliance level as defined by the settlement. However, Brown said Cape Cod Robust Russets contain 25 times the acceptable amount.

Corish said “Robust Russets” chips are no longer being sold.

The state also sued McDonald’s Corp.; Wendy’s International Inc.; Burger King Corp.; KFC, a subsidiary of Yum Brands Inc.; and Procter & Gamble Co. over acrylamide levels in 2005. Those lawsuits were settled after the companies agreed to either properly label their products or lower levels of the chemical.

New World – New Me

“We are at a stage in human history … we’re headed now will be different because we have exhausted planetary space and human space for us to continue to look at things through material …(eyes-editor’s note). We need to face the way we used the world for our gains, pleasures, satisfactions. … And unless we want to live in terror for the rest of our lives, we need to change our view about acquiring things. We have the opportunity to take a great leap forward in these very challenging times. We need to change our institutions and ourselves… We need to launch our imaginations beyond the thinking of the past. We need to discern who we are and expand on our humanness and sacredness. That’s how we change the world, which happens because WE will be the change.”

Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, 93, a long-time Detroit political and labor activist, author, and philosopher.

Green tea-formaldehyde

There is a bad rumor going round that there is a risk of increasing your formaldehyde intake if you drink or consume green tea products. There is no evidence that this is true, but the bagged green tea can absorb formaldehyde.

The health benefits of green tea well documented
Green tea antioxidants disarm free radicals
If you drink only about four cups per day green tea, you can help reduce the risk of cancer. After an 8 year study the American Journal of Epidemiology has concluded that drinking green tea lowers the risk of cancer of the upper digestive tract, colon and rectum.

Oriental scientists, doctors and consumers of green tea have known for years that green tea has many health benefits. While all tea is healthy to drink, Green tea Camellia sinensis contains the highest level of polyphenols (flavonoids), which have the highest antioxidant activity of all teas.

Quantum energy- changing water

Love and gratitude to All Waters of the World.

Before you drink a glass of water smell it and taste a sip of it like you would a good wine.

Notice the flavor and the texture of the water; then swallow it.

Next, hold the glass or cup between your your hands, Take a moment to thank the water and fill the water with love and peace.

Then smell and taste the water again. Drink it slowly.

Feel every cell in your body drinking in the peace, health and gratefulness.

Then send these feelings of love and peace and health to all the waters of the world.

Let me know your experiences.

Dr. Mary